Gmail has gained so much popularity in so little time. But when it comes to access gmail from an email client like geemail-inactionoutlook or outlook express most of us frown. This is because Gmail does not work perfectly with popular e-mail clients. I have always wished for a dedicated program for accessing my e-mail. And finally ths wsh has been fulfilled through a dedicated e-mail client called Geemail. Developed by Sourcebits, Geemail is an Adobe air based program and currently in beta. Geemail has everything you need to access your gmail email account. It does not require you to configure POP3 or IMAP to access gmail. Just install the program and use your user name and password like you use to login to gmail from your browser and you are done. Moreover it has the same familiar interface of web based gmail so at moment you will feel that you are using gmail in a browser where as you are infact using it ina desktop client. In order to install Geemail you need the following: – Adobe Air Adobe AIR is a cross-platform runtime environment for building rich Internet applications using Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML, or , that can be deployed as a desktop application. – Geemail Adobe AIR serves as the platform above which the Geemail application runs.

The Geemail application is available in .air format. geemail The installation is very simple, first install Adobe AIR and then extract the geemail.air file from the downloaded Geemail file. Double click on the Geemail.air file and the installation will start. In my case the installation did not finish and I received an error that installation did not finish as there might be problem with the installer package. I closed the installer and started the installation again and it got installaed. Features: Offline access lets you compose and send e-mail even if the PC is not connected to Internet. Once it finds an active Internet connection it will automatically send the mail. Zero Configuration does not require you to configure any POP3 or IMAP parameters. Just install it and login using your user name and password and you are done. Cross Platform available for the 3 most popular Operating systems viz Windows, MAC and Linux. Familiar user Interface the Geemail user interface is same as the interface you see once you log in to the web based email. So you do not need to learn a different interface. This Beta version lacks several feastures in Gmail, however I strongly believe that by the time the final version is releassed it will be loaded with many features. This is suitable for those using a dial up connecton or do not have the prviledge of always on Internet connection.